Since the emergence of Aiko, we try to provide fishermen only comfortable to use and effective at catching products; dependable, long-lived products.

However, it would not be possible without cooperation with first-class plants located in South Korea and China, in the regions historically familiar with the art of fishing. Alloy leaving in a century of tradition and the latest technology allows you to create truly high-quality products. As a result of careful searching we managed to find a reliable, loving the business, professionals. Honesty, accuracy in the nuances, the use of new materials, original innovative solutions, openness to suggestions – these are the qualities that we so appreciate in our partners, in the cooperation with which rests one of the main principles of the company: high quality at an affordable price. Experience Asian technology combined with an understanding of the needs and specificities of the European fishing – yielded range adapted to the conditions of our products, pro-sports orientation.


The pearl Aiko considered being its famous spinners. The process is partially automated their production, but most of it is done manually. Employees plants are true professionals, many of them are engaged in fishing gear for generations.
Rod concept developed by specialists of the company: selected optimal correlation system/ weight/stiffness of the rod design. For development and testing of top models, first of all, are actively involved fishermen, sportsmen and experienced anglers, but is taken into account the opinion of each user.
TAPPING 1After completion of the preliminary discussion of the nuances of the start together with the factory engineers: select materials, are preliminary samples, stipulated deadlines, etc. Following the resolution of all issues, it begins, in fact, production.
First of all, they are made of metal mandrels – the basis of rods, they are unique to each model. Selected graphite sheet, cut into pieces and is wound on the mandrel manually. This is a very demanding job that requires constant monitoring: the slightest mistake in the future will lead to rapid failure of the rod. For the class of models of “Prestige” is traditionally used by Korean and Japanese graphite cloth for a model class “Budget” – paintings in China. This allows you to reduce the price of fishing rods, virtually reducing the basic qualities; over the past 20 years, Chinese manufacturers are tremendously improved the quality of their products, are increasingly bringing it closer to Korean and Japanese models.

BLANK 1The next phase – is winding process belt embossed binder, which can significantly improve the system, to reduce the weight of the rod, increase the power and make him “angrier”. The technology used at this stage, developed over the years and are a real pride of each manufacturer.

The obtained forms are placed in a special kiln for drying. Graphite sintered, the excess binder residues evaporate and form takes almost finished look. At this stage, it plays a vital role experience engineers and the equipment used. The ability to use technology such as ASG, ASGL is another reason to be proud of some of our partners. Subsequent grinding completes the basic work on the blank.

Priming and painting is done only by hand, in particular clean rooms, where care is supported by the optimum temperature and humidity.

FurnitureThen, it starts equipment fittings. The entire process takes place manually, all elements are fixed on the form by means of an epoxy resin, the purity of all elements controlled by the rod. Using less prestigious rings than Fuji and Kigan, as well as less expensive reel seat and handles can significantly reduce the price of fishing rods virtually lossless “workers’ performance that is widely used in the assembly of rod-class” Budget “.

The final, but very important step – is quality control.

Aiko company boasts high performance and reliability of its products, the low number of marriages. It rewarded the confidence of the vast number of loyal customers, and perhaps thanks to increased attention to even the smallest details in the production, the professionalism of the staff. Each new rod goes a long way by the time the ideas and the creation of the sample prior to the launch of a series. Often, this is the path length in years. After all, each of the pre-production sample is thoroughly tested with subsequent amendments, after which is a new model, and so again and again, as long as the result does not match the desired effect. And only then mass production begins.

Despite the high quality standards of production, no one is safe from damage as the fault of their own, and by virtue of marriage, which, though rarely, but it happens. And in such a situation, the company tries to quickly solve the problem, most customers going forward, and supports the presence of a supply of spare parts for all products.