Wobbler Specialist 90

Product Description

Specialist – not in vain this model bears the name. This lure is really an expert on catching toothy predator and this is what he owed to his phenomenal success with anglers. During the short time that has passed since its inception, the lure was able to become a real favorite and permanently settle in the boxed sets of fishermen.

Classic-minnow lure banana shape. It has an active own game, but the best way manifests itself in the animation jerk, the jerk can be as aggressive and sharp, and smooth or by stop-go-end. When you stop the game wobbler does not stop and it is useful to slightly shake his hand over the power cord, and the tip of a spinning, at this moment, and often follows a toothy bite. It works both on the course and in the stagnant water. Optimal for catching pike, zander and big perch at relatively shallow depths. It has excellent flight characteristics.


 Model Code Color New Color  Size, mm
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1201  AIKOgreen  AIKO1  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1202  KSZY2    90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1203  NSM3  013  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1204  NSY1  001  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1205  NSY10  006  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1206  NSY7  003  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1207  NSY8  004  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1208  NSZY1  007  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1209  NSZY3  008  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1210  ONSM4  033  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1211  OSY2  021  90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1212  003    90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1213  006    90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1214  013    90
 SPECIALIST 90F  114-1215  021    90