Wobbler Slide 50

Product Description

In mid-summer, most of the shallow reservoirs are covered with a carpet of algae. Although the angler knows and sees that among the “jungle” hidden toothy predator, get it out of there – extremely difficult. Casting almost any lure or hook ends or collecting seaweed tangle on the hook.

It is in such circumstances it is best manifested a new bait – planing SLIDE by AIKO. Its streamlined shape allows to easily slide on the surface of the water, even through a thicket of seaweed. A vertically oriented hook does not collect grass, but does not allow the bait to attack with impunity.

 Model Code Color New Color  Size, mm
 SLIDE 50F  114-1601  AIKOgreen  AIKO1  50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1602  NSM4  015  50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1603  NSM5  014  50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1604  OSY2  021  50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1605  AIKOorange  AIKO3  50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1606  014    50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1607  015    50
 SLIDE 50F  114-1608  036    50