Wobbler Roost 40

Product Description

Miniature tap with an appetizing body shape, ideal for catching predators, preying on small prey in the surface layers of water – chub, ide, trout. Despite its small size, good lure flies and keeps the jet, allowing sections of the course.

The size of the bait is versatile enough and gives the opportunity to catch as small chub and serious fighter. The lure is equipped with miniature tees from OWNER, do not let anyone get away unpunished. Carefully designed color bait bait ensures maximum efficiency in our fishing conditions.


 Model  Code  Color  Size, mm
40F  114-1129  006 40
40F  114-1130  014 40
40F  114-1132  020 40
40F  114-1133  024 40
40F  114-1134  027 40
40F  114-1137  036 40
40F  114-1138  037 40
40F  114-141  044 40