Spinning Tirrel

Product Description

Tirrel – spinning series, focused on micro jig fishing. Rods have a fast action, but at the same time are loaded at a throw, hurl allowing even the smallest weight lures. All series have pasted rod tip “solid tip” white, facilitates the control wiring. Blank of high modulus graphite ASG, comfortable handle diversity of material EVA, ultra-light rings Kigan with an insert of Zirconia, tiny mark at the top – reducing inertia and increasing sensitivity.

Spinning Tirrel differ extraordinary sensitivity, ease, elegance and well-knit with the fish and have a sufficient margin of safety for its class. The real quality is very harmonious tackle, reveal all the delights of fishing. All these qualities combined with the ultra-light weight rod is converted into a fine tool for most of the parameters are not inferior, and in some ways superior to the most famous counterparts. The main purpose of this series of spinning rods – micro fishing, partly Carolina, split shot. In these areas Tirrel shows its best features to the full and 100% of the intended use.

All spinners Tirrel equipped with cover, high rigidity, having two with Velcro, for a secure fit during transport. For the functionality on this case plotted line measurements in centimeters, which will directly measure the fishing trophy and take pictures. All spinners in this series, the warranty – 1 year.

Model  Code Length, cm Test bait, g Test fishing line, lb Structure  Weight, g  Material
 Tirr-210UL-S  111-211  210  0.5-5  1-5  fast  83  ASG
 Tirr-215UL-S  111-212  215  0.5-6  1-6  fast  85  ASG
 Tirr-221UL-S  111-213  221  0.6-8  1-8  fast  89  ASG
 Tirr-229L-S  111-214  229  1-12  2-10  fast  98  ASG