Spinning Shooter

Product Description

Aiko company is proud to present a new series of spinning rods – Shooter. This series was created specifically for jig fishing and have excellent characteristics in terms of sonority and throwing, power. Rods in this series have a fast system, excellent sensory characteristics and throwing. This puts them on a par with the recognized giants jig, but with one very important feature – spinning series Shooter very Budgetary.


Series Model Length,ft Length,cm Lure test,g Line test, Lb pcs Graphite Style
Shooter 792ML 7’9» 236cm 5-16G 2-5Lb 2 IM9 spinning
Shooter 802M 8’0» 244cm 8-26G 5-16Lb 2 IM9 spinning
Shooter 802MH 8’0» 244cm 10-38G 10-26Lb 2 IM9 spinning
Shooter 842M 8’4» 255cm 8-28g 8-22Lb 2 IM9 spinning
Shooter 902ML 9’0» 273cm 7-21G 6-15Lb 2 IM9 spinning
Shooter 902M 9’0» 273cm 9-30G 10-22Lb 2 IM9 spinning
Shooter 1002H 10’0» 300cm 20-62G 13-36Lb 2 IM9 spinning