Spinning Troutex

Product Description

Spinning series Troutex will be appreciated by lovers of fine and delicate catching trout lovers and fans of chub. These graceful and weightless rod, work well with tiny lures and give a real pleasure from the arts to the opponent. Spinning with high-quality rings insert SiC.

Model  Code Length, cm Test bait, g Test fishing line, lb Structure  Weight, g  Material
 TRO173UL  111-421  173  0.4-4  0.4-2  mod  79  IM7
 TRO180UL  111-422  180  0.5-5  0.5-3  mod  82  IM7
 TRO199UL  111-423  199  0.6-6  0.6-3  mod  85  IM7