Reel Revolver

Product Description

Reel Revolver with front drag, a great option for those who like fishing lures, a new carbon-fiber body and the rotor, lightweight headband, reinforced gear, turning the aluminum frame is securely screwed into the mechanism, not all of its benefits, though one of the main. Together, these technologies bring to the market is spinning completely new product that will be enjoyed by the most demanding fishermen. The same benefits can be added to the light weight, which will help to balance all competently tackle, high-quality bearings which will provide the most seamless and easy to move, aluminum spool with a reverse cone pledge dense and smooth winding line and the cord to help prevent the formation of loops and reset beards. Design is also not deprived of uniqueness and novelty of rigorous, without unnecessary plastic parts brittle and unnecessary makeup inspires reliability and is modern sports trend.

  • Spinning reel with front inertialess;
  • friction brake;
  • Carbon housing and the rotor;
  • Lightweight headband;
  • Reinforced gear;
  • TURNING aluminum handle with the ability to reinstall;
  • Bearings 8 +1 (in the video);
  • The gear ratio of 5.1: 1;
  • Aluminum spool with a reverse taper;
  • In line two sizes.
Model  Code Volume spool  Bearings  Proportion  Weight, g
 1500  000000  0.165/170 0.2/130 0.235/100  8+1  5.1 : 1  270
 2000  000000  0.2/200 0.235/150 0.286/110  8+1  5.1 : 1  265