Feeder spinning Water Pro

Product Description

Series feeder rods made of high carbon, high-quality rings SIC, the handle is made of rubberized cork + EVA, and hence in the hand is firmly feeder. These elegant rod presentable appearance were designed for anglers who love to catch a variety of fish and enjoy since these rods are very sensitive and powerful, and it means that a large trophy fish this rod is not a hindrance. This is the embodiment of English quality Russian fishermen.

 № Full Name  Model  Length  Structure  Test  Sections  Weight
 1  Water Pro  WP902LBF  2.73 m  fast  40 g  2+3 (tips)  130 gr
 2  Water Pro  WP1002LF  3.03 m  fast  50 g  2+3 (tips)  133 gr
 3  Water Pro  WP1102LF  3.33 m  Progressive  60 g  2+3 (tips)  161 gr
 4  Water Pro  WP1202HF  3,63 m  Progressive  70 g с кормом  2+3 (tips)  170 gr