Feeder spinning Salvador

Product Description

Feeders Salvador, perhaps the best solution for the lakes and rivers with moderate current. They are made of graphite grade Im7, that provides ease and elegance. Powerful has a mild form (forgiving) system that helps the landing of large fish and reduces the likelihood of descent, allowing successfully deal with such serious opponents as the common carp and carp. Story and stiffness feeder Salvador allow without problems the power to make an accurate throw.

Model  Code Length, cm Test bait, g Test fishing line, lb Structure  Weight, g  Material
 Salvador SAL300  111-151  300  0-14,28,48  0-0  fast  260  IM7
 Salvador SAL330  111-152  330  0-28,56,84  0-0  fast  280  IM7
 Salvador SAL360  111-153  360  0-60,80,100  0-0  fast  300  IM7
 Salvador SAL390  111-154  390  0-45,60,80,100  0-0  fast  330  IM7
 Salvador SAL420  111-155  420  0-80,100,115,130  0-0  fast  350  IM7