Aiko Foster binder 2.7 g.

Product Description

A novelty in the line of  from Aiko. One of the most popular forms of spoon-bait when catching in standing water, or in rivers with a weak current. Due to the specific shape of the body, when wiring the bait hovers in the water column, reminiscent of the predator of a small plump fry. On pauses, the spoon-bait is deliciously showered with a large amplitude, additionally attracting predatory fish.Оn the rivers-chub, pike, perch, asp and grayling. The bait is equipped with hooks with a beard of trout type. In the package, two spoons of the same weight have a different coloring of both the outer and inner sides. The quality of the paint remains unaffected, even with a large number of bites and long operating times.

Model Type Weight, g
Spoon Foster 2.7g



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